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About Us

CloudCoin.fund is a leading company at the forefront of crypto-investments that obtains high returns by investing and trading private assets whose ownership transfer relies on BlockChain technology.

The CloudCoin.fund Team is formed by mathematicians, finance experts and engineers specialized in pre-ICO / STO investment opportunities.

CloudCoin.fund has as Vision to generate an opportunity for mutual benefit between small investments and our team of experts through our 7,000.00 BTCs max.cap Fund-8.

Our Mission is to give access to high yield investments (previously reserved for a few) to everyone, aligned with the principles of public accessibility, open source, transparency, reliability and accountability of the block-chain industry.

What We Offer

Our investment strategy is based on purchasing large and therefore discounted amounts of Tokens during pre-ICO / STO and exiting after public offering.

Our main fund (Fund-8) obtains high profitability by:

  • Selectively investing in ICOs and STOs which offer new paradigms of usability and functionality during the pre-ICO / STO period.
  • Investing and managing a Cryptocurrency Portfolio with a high yield potential.
  • High Liquidity Cryptocurrencies Trading.

Fund-8 can only be accessed through direct referral maintaining therefore investors and company's interest and needs aligned.

Expert team

Mathematicians, finance experts and engineers working for you

High profitability

Now at your fingertips


At the forefront of new technologies


Risk diversification through multiple projects asset allocation


Maximum capitalization of 7,000.00 BTC


Through referral program

11210 Clients
6514 BTC Managed Volume
8 Projects Participated


The Crypto-Industry | Cryptocurrency

Thanks to Bitcoin and Ethereum, in a few years, cryptocurrencies have become one of the main investment trends

Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies transactions rely on the Blockchain technology; a security system composed of blocks embedded in a data-chain

ICOs and STOs

ICO (Initial Coins Offerings) or the initial offer of a currency is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies investments.

Investment and profitability

To invest in an ICO / STO and achieve positive results requires investors to understand the market and its complex particularities...

Fund-8 % Profitability



Benefit from up to 3 years of profitability with every Pack


Exclusive access by direct referral of a client
  • Reduction of distribution costs by eliminating, among others, advertising and certain intermediaries.
  • Global reach.
  • CloudCoin.fund's in-house know-how.
  • Extra bonuses for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I benefit from the daily profitability of my pack?

Your Pack Returns Bonus will start paying proceeds 10 days after purchase.

Is it mandatory to pay the membership to buy a pack and obtain profitability on a daily basis?

Yes, the membership needs to be purchased before any packs can be purchased.

Can you recommend cloudcoin.fund without purchasing a pack, but only with the membership?

Yes you can refer or recommend cloudcoin.fund without purchasing a pack but you will not benefit from the referral plan bonuses.

Can you buy several packs from the same account?

Yes, you can purchase as many packs as you wish to benefit from the Return Pack Bonuses, which will start paying proceeds 10 days after purchase.

Who is part of cloudcoin.fund?

A Team of BlockChain technology enthusiasts with backgrounds in Engineering, Mathematics and Finance.

Do the packages guarantee a minimum return?

No, they do not guarantee a minimum return, although historically these have accrued around 10% profit each month.

What benefits do I get for registering, without becoming a member or purchasing a pack?

You then will have completed the first step to be a part of our Cloud Coin Family.

What ICOs, STOs has invested cloudcoin.fund in?

Our investment department wishes not to disclose our porfolio strategy.

Will you be able to purchase packs on cloudcoin.fund with other coins such as ETH?

We are looking into it.

Can I be part of Cloud Coin if no one has referred it to me?

To be a part of the Cloud Coin Family you need to be referred by someone.